Mapping an Application with UseaBiLLity

Mapping an application

Mapping an application for UseaBiLLity is very simple and requires only two things:

1) Identifying the business metrics, application functions, or application features that need to be tracked
2) Defining a set of database events related to each metric, function or feature

 Example: Creating a Metering Profile for a xTerra Accounting Software*

A) Configure the Accounting metering profile for Xterra Accounting software. Set Billing Period to Monthly.


B) Define the 1st business metric for the Accounting metering profile. "Create Invoice" happens when there is an Insert in the Billing table of the DEMODATA database.  Each invoice created is charged $3.


C) Define the 2nd business metric. Add Customer happens when there is an Insert in the Enrolls table in the DEMODATA database. Subscriber is billed $10 for each customer added.

This is the completed metering profile for Accounting. The profile will be delivered to the UseaBiLLity plugin, which is instructed to deliver encrypted and aggregated database events mapped to the Create Invoice and Add Customer business metrics.

*XTerra Accounting Software is a fictional application created for this example