UseaBiLLity Connecting: Delivering Metering Results for Billing, Analytics, Predictive Provisioning


Once the data collected by the plugin has been delivered to the UseaBiLLity server it can be used for a wide range of services. UseaBiLLity defines subscriber profiles to enable SaaS providers to deliver the information needed by the customer. UseaBiLLity may easily be integrated with 3rd party billing services including Zuora and back-office systems such as QuickBooks, and a variety of BI and predictive analytics platforms. When a service is selected, UseaBillity connects and delivers data metering results in formats that can be consumed by the billing service.

Here's an example creating a subscriber profile for the fictional xTerra accounting application.

 A) Create a profile for Lake Labs Inc. - Company Name, Contact, Address

UseabiLLity subscriber data metering and billing profile


B) Select a Metering Profile for the Subscriber


C) Select a Check-in Interval (number of days between metering report)


D) Pick a Billing Service