UseaBiLLity Value for ISV's

  • Accelerated Time to Market
  • Predictive SaaS Provisioning
  • Limiting Application Changes
  • Fair, Usage Based Pricing
  • Reducing Consulting Costs
  • Solving the BoB Paradox

SaaS Cost Reduction with UseaBiLLity

UseaBiLLity lets you add data metering to your application very quickly and without the expense of training or outside consultants. All that's needed is knowledge of the application database schema and which business metrics to track for billing. Mapping database events to business metrics, deploying the UseaBiLLity plug-in and connecting to the UseaBiLLity service all happen with near zero overhead cost to your business and very little time delay for your customers.

UsaBiLLity data metering can be deployed very easily, so it's a great tool for collecting data for analytics. Long term detailed application use data gives SaaS vendors the ability to accurately forecast SaaS infrastructure, even if requirements change on a cyclical basis,  Predictive SaaS provisioning means getting the capital and infrastructure requirements right the first time, making sure that SLA's are met consistently and keeping cost under control the entire time.

We all know that software projects take longer and cost more than planned. UseaBiLLity is a better way. Because applications can be mapped, deployed and connected with the UseaBiLLity service in very little time, with no training and no consulting, the opportunity cost of getting your application ready for SaaS is incredibly low. UseaBiLLity can differentiate your SaaS offering, keep your customers happy, and deliver a positive ROI in no time.

SaaS Risk Reduction with UseaBiLLity

Metering applications at the database level means you get a very precise view of exactly how a customer is using your application. Comparing price models, forecasting revenue streams and planning capital expense for hosting infrastructure are now based on hard data, not intuition.

Often the biggest risk in moving a legacy application to SaaS is when the move requires changes to the application code. Development and test consume a lot of engineering time, and if the application is complex, it’s very difficult to thoroughly test new code. UseaBiLLity can be implemented with no changes to application code.

Arriving in the market too early or too far behind the competition can lose a lot of customers. UseaBiLLity takes very little time to implement – the application can be mapped, plug-in deployed and connection to the UseaBiLLity service can be easily set up to meet time to market goals.

SaaS Differentiation with UseaBiLLity

Instead of charging customers a fixed monthly fee for software that gets used only occasionally, why not let customers pay for what they actually use?   UseaBiLLity metering at the database event level lets SaaS vendors charge customers precisely for what they use and deliver billing information in terms that the customer can understand. What could me more fair?

Trying to understand a typical SaaS or PaaS (platform as a service) bill can be a struggle. The same is true of sorting out the details of a typical enterprise software license. Worse than confusing, this creates a lot of corporate compliance risk.  Because UseaBiLLity delivers software billing data in terms of business metrics, the customer can easily understand, track, charge back, and manage budgets with usage based SaaS billing. More importantly, the translation between business metric and business value is a simple one.

One of the key benefits of SaaS is the simplified customer provisioning process. With UseaBiLLity, new customers can be onboarded with a few mouse clicks. Billing can be easily customized as needed by adding or deleting business metrics tracked by the UseaBiLLity plug-in.

Resolving the Bob Paradox

Billing or Budget?

Customers want to pay only for what they're using. And they want a fixed monthly fee to fit into a planned budget. What's the best way for a SaaS provider to optimize revenue and customer retention? Click here to resolve the BoB paradox.

Licensing UseaBiLLity:

UseaBiLLity Service
We host everything. You login, create an account, configure UseaBiLLity, deploy the data metering plug-in and get statements from the UseaBiLLity service every month (or whatever time period you configured).

Test Drive UseaBiLLity

UseaBiLLity Technology License
You host everything. Purchase a UseaBillity license and host your own version of the service. Customizations available. Annual fees. Includes maintenance.

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