Pervasive UseaBiLLity is a Cloud-based data metering service for MySQL applications.

ˈdā-tə ˈmē-təring   noun : the tracking, recording and reporting database events related to business metrics or application features for the purpose of enhancing billing, analytics, business intelligence, and pricing models for SaaS applications.

UseaBiLLity is Partnering with...


C3Wave, a cloud consulting and software integration services provider has entered into a partnership with Pervasive Software to integrate the UseaBiLLity data metering service for MySQL applications with its SORA billing engine.  Learn more about the C3Wave/Pervasive partnership.

Fair, Usage Based Billing

Instead of charging customers a fixed monthly fee for software that gets used only occasionally, why not let customers pay for what they use? UseaBiLLity metering at the database event level lets SaaS providers charge customers precisely for what they use and deliver billing information in terms that the customer can understand. Learn more about usage based billing.

Predictive Analytics for SaaS

Metering applications at the database level means you get a very precise view of exactly how a customer is using your application. Comparing price models, forecasting revenue streams and planning capital expense for hosting infrastructure are now based on hard data, not intuition. Learn more about how to use data metering from UseaBiLLity for predictive analytics.

Resolution of the BoB Paradox

Billing or Budget - The BoB Paradox. Customers want to pay only for what they're using. And they want a fixed monthly fee to fit into a planned budget. UseaBiLLity solves the BoB paradox and helps SaaS providers optimize revenue and customer retention. Resolve the BoB paradox.

UseaBiLLity Buzz

"For cloud-centric developers there may be some interest here; i.e., UseaBiLLity works to offer SaaS programmers access to data about how an application is being used."   Read Dr. Dobb's UseaBiLLity article

"...the beauty of this approach is that it enables Pervasive to easily extend the value proposition of the solution to the entire public Cloud ecosystem."  Enterprise Management Associates

 "....the ultimate metering nirvana."   Krishnan Subramanian, Cloud Ave

"...a neat plug-in to help with the metering and billing aspect of running a cloud service."  Jo Maitland, Giga Om

" is being rented rather than bought outright and, in this world, customers want to pay only for what they did use rather than for what they might want to use.”  David Norfolk, Bloor Research

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